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Description of Easy Scorecard Pro

Easy Scorecard is designed to replace golf or disc golf scorecard. This is the paid/donate ads-free version of Easy Scorecard with additional features.

The goal of this application is to let you track your scores as simple/easy or as advanced as you like. Don't care about putts, girs, fairway hits? They will not show up in the UI if you disable them. Don't care about the GPS rangefinder? It will only appear if you enable it.


* 9/18/27/custom-holes scoring (36-hole support for disc golf)

* Scoring for more than 4 players

* Email scorecard in HTML/CSV/PNG

* USGCA/EGA/CONGU/Australian Golf Handicap tracking

* Share scorecard to Facebook/Twitter

* Handicap tracking for Disc golf (methods: discgolf.com and PDGA-like rating system)

Additional Pro Features:

* Nassau, Team Nassau, Skins and Stableford side games

* Putt, GIR, Sand Shot/Save, Penalty, Fairway Hit tracking

* Create courses at easyscorecard.net from a web browser, and import them to the app. Saves you the trouble of entering courses from the app. And if a course was already created by another user, you can import it directly. [DISCLAIMER: Not all courses are available in your area, if they are not available, you have to add them yourself or wait for others to add them. DO NOT base your purchase decision on course downloads, no refunds will be given if no courses are available in your area].

* Share rounds to other Easy Scorecard Pro users

* With easyscorecard.net, you can mark green locations (front, center, back) for courses, and then import them to the app to calculate distances to green.

* Light or dark theme

* Label system - label rounds for quick filtering

* Player Groups - assign players to groups and easily select them during the start of a new round

* Choose from available alternate pins during scoring for disc golf users

* Reorder courses/players in their profiles

* Filter previous rounds based on course, or year

* Backup database/settings to Dropbox

* More statistics! Stats can be broken down and ranked by players based on Scoring, Putts, GIRs, FWY Hit %, Sand Shots, etc. Certain stats can be broken down further by averages on PAR 5, PAR 4, PAR 3 holes.

If you are new to this app, please install the free version and give it a try.

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